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A secret about self-esteem.

16 de September de 2019

Have you ever wondered what does esteem means? Today we are going to do an exercise to determine the meaning of this word with you. 

Ask yourself what does to esteem means. Let the answers flow in your mind. Now close your eyes and imagine different situations in which you are esteeming someone… How do you feel when you bring thoughts to your mind about people who you esteem?

When we think about a person who we highly esteem, it means that we appreciate him, we respect him, and we feel grateful for her. Just imagining situations where we are esteeming other people, a serial of sensations of pleasure, tranquility, and joy are activated.

Esteem has been regularly related to a feeling of affection towards others, but the truth is that the measure of our well-being is rated by how much we esteem ourselves.
Would you like to have this type of feelings towards you? Do you want to do it?

Let us begin by defining esteem with the most common terms. When we esteem someone, it means that we have affection for him, we give him tender and we welcome him in our life. A person for whom we feel esteem is a person that we value and therefore we respect.

What would happen if all these values are directed towards you? How do you feel when you think about receiving all this affection? Let’s experiment the power of esteem when is directed towards you in the next exercise.  

Now think about all the qualities that you have for sharing? Let the thoughts flow in your mind, don’t worry if at the beginning they don’t come. Visualize yourself in different situations where you are giving the best out of you: a hug, a sincere look, companionship, laughs with your family, just your presence. Close your eyes and observe all these virtues, all your treasures. 
How are you feeling? Is there a smile on your face? You are huge, it’s only a matter of learning to esteem yourself. You have so much to give, to receive, to share. Allow yourself to perceive this new way of relating to life and the world. 

People with self-esteem feel that they can achieve all that they want because they trust themselves. They are aware of their talents and possibilities, they are opened to learn, but they know they’ve got what it takes to address any situation. Assuming risks and adventuring to the unknown is a classic characteristic of people with a high self-esteem, this is why they aren’t afraid to be wrong, neither struggle with taking decisions. 

Every time you feel resentment, envy and other attitudes that separate you from the others, your mind goes into conflict and is right in that moment where you start to suffer, this is where you lose the esteem towards you. On the other hand, affection, admiration, and gratitude are fundamental characteristics of the esteem, they are the basis for this new way of living self-love, activate them in you. 

To value who you are, gives you the confidence to open to the world and go out to relate to others, it is the passport to enjoy life, to connect to your inner power and let all your magic come to life. You feel good, everything flows, it is now you the one who esteems yourself; you are loving yourself. It’s time to get into action and take concrete decisions for your dreams.

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