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We are Bhairavinanda and Balaram, through the University of Consciousness, we accompany you step-by-step to transform the way you relate to the world and build the life you want.

We aim to work with people willing to overcome their barriers and give their best is.

If you are looking to “reboot” yourself, you probably identify with one of the following situations:

  • You are losing hope in yourself.

There have been so many failed attempts that you don’t even want to relate ever again. 

  • You feel constant dissatisfaction.

You don’t know how to avoid that boredom feeling despite all the blessings you have.

  • Your mind is so confused you no longer know what you want.

You feel tired of questioning yourself for so long. 

  • Why bothering making new decisions if I’m getting the same results?

No matter what you have tried, the several attempts or the help you have sought, it seems the issue of relationships always ends the same.

  • You know you have great potential, but you don’t know how to use it.

Besides, it’s hard to find someone who can see your real value. 

  • You are seeking to enjoy a stable and loving relationship, and having love as the basis for building your family.
  • The idea of being loved an esteemed, drives you to dream about a purely emotional bond with your partner and family, for what you are willing to give the best of who you are. 

These are just a few examples, but they are probably known to you.

We are here to lead you to overcome these situations, awakening your potential and learning to use it to build the life you want.

Lina Marcela Pantoja

Nutritional Coach

Our mission
The University of Consciousness 

Transform the way we interact in society, sowing Love as the ultimate way of experiencing life.

Human Technology for Life®

Our method allows us to accompany you as far as you want to go. We are aware of the importance of relationships in your life, especially the couple´s and your family nucleus.

By taking you to know your potential within and transforming the relationship with yourself, you can experience the life you dream.

We accompany you to achieve it! You are not alone!


Taking together each step of life for 33 years as a couple.

Through our experience around 11 countries, we have accompanied +18,000 people to transform their lives.

We have been a source of inspiration for our students for 25 years.  

They express their trust towards us by recognizing the coherence between what we teach and the way we live.

We have trained our exceptional team in guiding you to recover confidence in who you are and how to utilize your creative power.

From now on you have our method the Human-Technology for Life® available through our: Programs, Private Sessions, Workshops and Online Resources.

Karelma Flores

Student in Miami

We are Bhairavinanda and Balaram

Now that you are clear about what we do,
we would like to tell you more about our life.

It was my parents’ precious. Leaving my house at an early age believing that life with my first partner would be just dancing and enjoying, led me to a country that shook me, taking me out from excessive ingenuity to consciously become in charge of my life.
I was raised around inner-power concepts but, there was a false belief that achieving self-knowledge required great prohibitions. So at an early age, I left home, when I was 22 I was married and was a parent of three children. I realized that everything I achieved wasn’t going to satiate myself, so I returned to my self-discovery journey, picking back the tools learned with my family, but now making them my own experience.
Bhairavinanda and Balaram:
We converged at a time to rebuild our lives and integrate what we learned in our first marriages. Both of us had their children and were looking for a new direction. Since the moment we started our relationship, we have been one. There were no divisions, we lived it all together, we seized it together. Although on the surface we seem very different, there is a desire and respect for life that makes us ONE.
It is something we should all live. Everything is different now, it has taken a positive turn. I never expected to find within myself what I was looking for, all thanks to the tools I learned at the UOC.

Yolanda Ramirez

Logistics specialist.

Some of the corporations we have worked with.

Optimizing the relationships between their staff members.

Social work.

Part of our resources has always been destined to support less favored communities:

Why the University of Consciousness?

University refers to the universality of knowledge, using the violet color to represent the wisdom breaking the beliefs that prevent us from experiencing ourselves with no limits.

Consciousness means: realizing. Yellow is a color of creativity and abundance, representing the awareness of us as creator beings by nature, and that we can build relationships and life as we dream them.
Our logo-symbol unites in the orange, expressing the union of these two fundamental traits of who we are, inviting us to unlimitedly love, respect, and estimate ourselves. We will take you to live this experience through interpersonal relationships.