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Live Intensely

16 de September de 2019

Live life intensely is to experience the moment, and no matter what’s coming next, make of it unforgettable. You may think that you need a combination of a good job and good salary to be able to accomplish this, and sometimes, it isn’t easy to achieve both things.

However, allow me to show you that there’s another way to see things; if you are sharpened focused in a good job and a good salary, those are probably the only things that you are going to get. The thing is, when you achieve them, your will want more and more of it. 

When your focus is in LIFE, after getting the job and the money you will have more LIFE. This is what this game is about, and not many understand it. 

What’s the use of having the best job if your head isn’t free of noise and troubles when you get home and there’s no time free to enjoy?

What’s the use of having lots of money if at the end of the day you are lonely? I believe that money and work are very important, but family, relationships, doing what you love and what nurtures your soul are even more. 

Having time to share with your people, to dream and to make those dreams come true is crucial for life. How much time did you spend this week to fulfill your dreams?

Until when do you plan to keep procrastinating?

Which are your priorities?

What do you pay attention to? 

In what are you focused on achieving?

To last is not to live. The living is another thing and you know it.

I’m writing this reflection to awake you, is not my wish that someday you tell me with regret: ‘I forgot to live’.

You are still on time! And remember, it depends only on you! You are the origin of your results!

A guy once asked God: 
‘Give me everything so I can enjoy life’.
And God said: 
‘I gave you Life to enjoy everything’
Live Intensely 

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