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Live Your American Dream

16 de September de 2019

When we talk about dreams, probably the most popular is the acclaimed American Dream. At this moment, millions of views from our countries, families, and acquaintances follow with expectation what happens with us in the lands of North America.

It is common to hear or read questions on our phones asking, “How is your thing going? What finally happened? My son, I’m asking God to solve everything soon”.

We find this extraordinary country as the ideal stand to get ahead, to satisfy our primary needs, in other words, to achieve our dream. There are many expectations with which we arrived. Many people come in search of new opportunities, others flee from different situations in their countries, and with no doubt this is an irresistible prospect to build a better life.

We arrived and quickly settled; making the most out of that Latin recursion forged by the conditions from our home sites. Skilled people with an endless strength to work, many come well prepared, others learn with great ease. We are bustling people with new ideas and with a goal between eyes, the great American dream.

However, it seems that as soon as we settled, we also quickly strayed from the path to our purpose.

Soon you find yourself driving a brand new car, with the newest iPhone, and living in a house with new appliances. In your wallet, you find one or several credit cards. Suddenly you realize that with your actual income, you can go to the same restaurant where you are probably part timing, now you have access to all entertainment options. You easily fall into a hard-exit game, where you hold in your hands all the treasures ever desired but its cost is watching your personal dream slipping off between your fingers. 

Are you ready to bargain or release the comfort of these rewards for your primary goal?

The American dream shifts into obligations, your freedom is measured by your credit score, and the possibility of doing something different with your life rather than just working seems to vanish.
What happened to your American dream? Do you still remember it? Are you clear about what it is? Today, many people feel that their American dream is returning home. Everything you think you have got is cold and lifeless. The car, the toys, and the new clothes do not fill us, they do not give us peace, and they do not make us feel more loved or valued. An incessant desire to return to our country begins to emerge.

We create a mirage of how back home is, with the friendliness of our people, how simple but valuable life becomes by the kindness of those who love us. When we visit, we have family meetings, meals, and the opportunity to exhibit all that we have achieved. We are the center of attraction and admiration.

When we return to our American dream, the feeling of longing and the strength of memories grows. We live as standing with each foot on a different boat, divided. Wanting to be with our family, but not wanting to let go of what we have achieved here with so much effort.

Would you like to know a formula to get out of this mental trap?

It is all about observing, try to realize where you are and what is happening around you. The active attention in what you do not have is what is not allowing you to see the true treasures that you do, let us begin listing them.

Since you arrived here you have created friendships where you lived crucial moments of your life. These people understand you because they have lived in situations similar to yours, which is why in a few months you have built friendships that seem lifelong. You have your children here, your partner, probably some relatives. You have a home, a family. Do you see? This is why you do not want to leave; this is why many people are so terrified about the idea of deportation or having to leave.

Honor and love your origins, but give the right place to the land that welcomes you today. You have settled your roots and you have people who appreciate you. Here you have become aware of what you are made of, how much you can give, what you can transcend.

A magical place has welcomed you with its nature, its oceans, its diaries and stunning sunsets. You have found yourself on the road with many people who have helped you without knowing you, who taught skills you so that you could work, who shared their food with you. You have known cultures, languages, stories from other countries, music, culinary. Today you take cortadito, you know what the bandeja paisa is, the milanesa Argentina, and you have tasted the Venezuelan cachapa.

Can you realize? That is why you do not want to leave your American dream. The answer is in what you can value, it is not in the United States or in your country; it is within yourself. You have achieved everything you have dreamed of, but you have not really enjoyed it because you are thinking of something else. It is the same as if you were returning to your country and thinking every day about returning home.

Give in yourself to this moment, surrender to what is in front of you. Give your best in each step, value the air you breathe. Look into the eyes of the people you meet every day. Let go of the idea that your life here is temporary, and let them enter into your heart, your two families are one now, your two lands are one; everything unites in your Heart.

This is what it means to live your American dream, is allowing you to value yourself and appreciate who you are in every experience. When in your country, you love your country of origin, but when here, you love your country of life, because it is where you are living here and now. Wake up from the dream and start living your reality.
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