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Make your dreams come true.

16 de September de 2019

We are still in the first part of the year; do you remember the goals that you proposed a couple of months ago while you had the new year eve grapes? How are they going? The good news is that you are still on time, every life minute is a chance to make your dreams come true. 

Dreaming is a matter that has always intrigued man; he is passionate about it, it questions him, intimidates him and yet seduces him. What is that dreams have that are so attractive? There is a pretty close similarity between the experiences that a person lives when he goes into a dream and what she perceives in reality, having a feeling that there is a deep connection between both of them. 

Have you ever tried to interpret your dreams? What is the meaning of such a realistic experience where we go through with our eyes shut? There have been several attempts to interpret the different types of dreams; like when we fly, when we fall or we are naked. We might ignore their meanings, but what is true is that they are a very personal experience. Nobody dreams the way you do, no one live them like you do because they are your own dreams. 

So, what is dreaming? Have you ever come to think about how the dreams you have when you fall asleep and the dreams you want to achieve to be happy are related? Finding the bond between them is a big secret that will help you to set and reach your deepest personal goals. 

Identifying what dreams are made of is the first step to making them come true in reality. We usually live deceiving experiences with our eyes shut, we even believe that they are real; when we are dreaming we find ourselves either sweating in our bed, excited, scared or feeling different emotions.

When you allow yourself to fully dream about that goal that you want to achieve, you live it in your mind; thousands of feelings and sensations are activated, you smile and you get excited. That project you want to build, the journey you’ve always longed, the relationship for which you are willing to do whatever it takes. All these feelings activate inside you, it’s like if for a moment they were real.   

This is the relation between both ways of dreaming; that you are the main character. You are what bonds them because they make an impact on you, you are the one who is living them. You have the power to experience your dreams, and now you are aware that you have the power to make them come true.

Until now, dreams have been made only of thoughts. When you shut your eyes in your bed and you close them to imagine your goals, you are just thinking. It is now time to turn those thoughts into action, to build step by step the life you want to live. The sum of your thoughts and your actions is what determines what you are manifesting in your life!
Do you prefer to keep sleeping or do you want to get into action? This is a choice you have to make. Dreaming is a wonderful power that we have to project in our minds what we want to live, but our true magic is that we are capable of making our dreams come true. 

Being aware of this brings us a huge responsibility and at the same time, it opens us to a great path of freedom where we can lead our lives to where we really desire. Look out carefully for all the things you have today; where are you living, who are you with, what you are doing and most important of all, how are you feeling. At some point in your life, you dreamed about this, what you are living today has been projected before in your mind. It might be that you were afraid of that happening, it might be that you worked consistently to get it; but what this especially means, is that you are in charge of your life, you are creating it.

Do you want to live your dream in mediocrity or do you want to turn fantasy into reality? I’m now telling you a secret of life, a way to see things that might take you to reinvent your life experience here and now: The quality of the dream is determined by how is the protagonist dreamer feeling; that means you.

If you value yourself, your relationships are going to do well. When you price your greatness; you are going to be working for big dreams. When you are feeling good, the quality of what you dream is in harmony and harmonic is your life. Now go out to life and fulfill every grape vow from new year’s eve. Avoid excuses, embrace the power within yourself and make your dreams come true.  

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