Coaching Certification
Interpersonal Relationships


Grow as you teach.

Certification: 1 year of intensive work on you.

After finishing this program, you will have established a reliable experience in the relationship with you and your world, learning to use it as the main source to guide your students in their relationships.

You will have a step-by-step accompaniment, learning to apply pedagogy to lead a student to solve situations or achieve what they are craving in their relationships.

The learned tools connect you to your source of unlimited wisdom, which will be the ground base for exercising your new profession as a Conscious Coach in Interpersonal Relationships.


Some of the things you can achieve

  • You learn to use the Connection Techniques to unlock paradigms and creating a reliable experience in your relationships.
  • You master the UOC® Conscious Coaching method for teaching through the experience acquired.
  • You discover your signature and learn to teach your students to find it.
  • You practice with enough people to master your new experience as a Relationships Coach.
  • You develop the tools to guide a person in achieving what they want for their relationships and solve the difficulties they are undergoing.
  • You provide your coachees with the primary tools to have harmonious and efficient relationships in their life.
  • You learn to inspire others to undertake their changes through your congruency and relentless example.
  • Upon the successful completion of the phases of the program, you will be certified by the University of Consciousness as a UOC
  • Conscious Coach in Interpersonal Relationships.

Some facts you should know:

The Diagnose:

  • We have worked with +18,000 people in 11 countries, accompanying them to create a new way of relating.
  • The problem was that each of them didn’t know their truth, so they had a poor relationship with themselves and therefore lack self-confidence.
  • Most of them came to think that it no longer made sense to crave the life and relationships they dreamed.
  • They took action based on unlived concepts before getting to the unconscious root where changes could be generated.
  • 90% did not want to make new decisions because they believed they would have the same disappointing results.
  • The moment they managed to establish a new self-relationship, they began to see new results in their interpersonal bonds.


Human Technology for Life®

  • You will experience the truth of who you are, acquiring ancient tools with which you establish permanent contact with your inner power source.
  • You will use the tools learned in creating your dream through relationships. Either if it is to transform or enrich your life, you will get what you want the most, and then you will guide others from your experience.
  • You will understand the essence of human relationships. Developing emotional maturity and allowing you to connect with your students’ experience.

This Certification is for you if:

  • You want to experience a tangible connection with your inner wisdom.
  • You feel a strong desire to support other people in their relationships and life situations.
  • You visualize yourself being an example and source of inspiration concerning relationships.
  • You are already a Coach and want to specialize in Interpersonal Relationships.

It requires of
your greatness and humbleness.

Becoming an expert in interpersonal relationships from your own experience requires great courage to break with the concepts and old patterns that have marked your life, but the humbleness and openness to reach your students will touch their hearts.

  • Teaching will be an adventure: each student becomes a source of knowledge, confirmation, and certainty of what you want in your relationships and your dreams.
  • Your relationships will grow stable: your coaching sessions will become a constant reminder to apply what you have learned throughout your program.
  • Everything will make more sense: With the method Human Technology for Life®, you will be clear about your purpose, putting your profession as a Conscious Coach®, your relationships, and every action you take at the service of your life plan.

Content Certification
Coaching in Interpersonal Relationships

To obtain your certification as a UOC® Conscious Coach in the design of Interpersonal Relationships, you must have completed the program 3 phases successfully.


  • Program Objective:
    Transform the way of relating to yourself and the ones around you, developing a new professional career to supporting others from your experience in their interpersonal relationships.
  • PHASE 1: Immersion

    How to exercise your inner power by transcending the limits of your mind and your body.

    Immersion at UOC headquarters – Miami, FL. – 21 days

    You unlock the root of your conscious and unconscious obstacles and get the emotional maturity needed to achieve solidity in your interpersonal relationships, starting with yourself.

  • PHASE 2: Domain of the Conscious Coaching®

    How to master the UOC® Conscious Coaching method to train your students through your life experience?

    Online – 5 months

    When completing this phase, you rebuilt your interpersonal relationships step-by-step, applying your training as a Conscious Coach in every relevant aspect of your life.

    You will have the necessary tools to guide people to achieve the transformation they want in their relationships, based on your experience.

  • PHASE 3: Exercising the UOC® Conscious Coaching 

    How to deliver sessions to your students applying the tools and experience acquired throughout the program.

    Online – 6 months

    You will have practiced and applied your tools with enough people to master your new life experience.

    You will have the step-by-step accompaniment in getting ready to exercise your new mission as a human being.


The guarantee of your success as a UOC® Conscious Coach is that you are supporting from the experience you are living.


Our accompaniment seeks to teach you to get the most out of your new tools by applying them in every step of your life.

  • 21 days with the UOC Instructors team (Phase 1). You start your training day and night in Miami going within and receiving the ancient method: Human Technology for Life®.
  • 5 months of personalized online accompaniment (Phase 2). Throughout your program, you will have a tutor available in each phase: accompanying you, reviewing, and improving the way you live your relationships.
  • We make sure you live an experience (Phase 3). During the next 6 months of certification, we will go with you hand in hand to become an expert in guiding your coachees and inspiring through your experience.

Our commitment is to give you the training and tools you need to create solid relationships in your life and getting you ready to guide others to follow your footsteps.



  • Certification: UOC® Conscious Coach in the Design of Interpersonal Relationships
  • Method: Human Technology for Life® + UOC® Conscious Coaching
  • Modality: in-person + online
  • Place: University of Consciousness headquarters – Miami, Florida
  • Duration: 1 year



  • 9 individual Cell Memory Activation sessions – 3 hours each
  • 22-hour workshop: The Sphere of Being
  • Daily thematic sessions – 2hrs each: Private Sessions
  • Physical detoxification + emotional drainage (phase 1).
  • Special physical training (phase 1).
  • Weekly virtual group session of 2 hours (phases 2 and 3)
  • Personal support after each session completed with your practice students (15).
  • 24-hours support during the 21 days in Miami



  • Stay: 21 nights in Miami Premium Zone
  • Special feeding: 21 days
  • UOC Conscious Coaches Kit
  • Support content material.



  • Approve the online interview with the tutor of the University of Consciousness.
  • Be 21-year-old.
  • Be a graduate professional.
  • Successfully approve the 3 phases of the program.

Frequently Asked Questions

Let us help you:

How to know if I'm eligible for the program?

If you are over 21, you have a professional degree, and your passion for life is to help others through your example, this program is for you.

You should be aware that this program focuses on interpersonal relationships and how to teach others to achieve what they want through your experience.

Can I do the program even if I don't have a partner?

Yes, you can.

The objective of this certification is that you first build a strong relationship with yourself and then create what you crave in your relationships. In this way, you are going to support your students from your personal experience.

What happens if I feel I have the relationships I have always wanted?

That’s perfect.

Now you will learn the tools to enrich and take them to new levels that you ever imagined. You will also have the support until you learn the UOC method to be the Coach of other people in the fulfillment of their dream through relationships.

Do I have to enroll in all phases of the program, and should they be in that specific order?


The Coaching program has a special order where each phase has a precise use. You start with the 21 days in residence to acquire the fundamentals, then, the diploma and certification phases are online.

Can I do the program even if I already have other coach certifications?

Yes, you do.

What we ask you is that during your training, you allow yourself to empty your mind of concepts and receive this experience with openness and innocence, so you can learn and discover the wisdom of UOC Conscious Coaching.

Do I have to travel to Miami to complete Phase 1?

Yes, you must travel.

During the 21 days of the first phase, you will be with the UOC Teachers team doing intense training: learning tools, techniques, and achieving in you what you considered impossible.

This specific kind of training must be face-to-face.
The 21-day training includes: food and stay.
Does not include airline tickets, transportation, or personal hygiene implements.

Who validates this coaching certification?

The University of Consciousness LLC. – The United States.

Upon completion of this certification, the University of Consciousness USA validates you as a Conscious Coach in Interpersonal Relationships. The University of Consciousness of Florida is the creator of the Human-Technology for Life Method and Conscious Coaching.

The Directors and Founders have worked with 18,000 people throughout their 25 years of experience in Interpersonal Relations.

What are the payment methods?

Credit card
Bank transfer or deposit.
When entering your information, we will contact you to use the means of payment of your preference.

Want more information?

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