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Reinvent Your Life

Achieve what you thought was impossible in you.
Live your dream today.

Are you clear about your life purpose?
Meaning, why do you do everything you do?

Do not worry, it is normal not knowing this answer, but how to achieve your dreams if you are not clear about where you are going?


It can happen to you that you abandoned your dream to fill the current obligations, that at this point in life you think it’s impossible to achieve it and you have resigned, or it may be that you believe that you do not deserve it and that you should be realistic.


Reinvent Your Life is about rethinking these decisions and reconnecting with your inner strength to enjoy your dream here and now.

Your Life

It is time to retake
the reins of your life.

Reinvent Your Life means taking a new look at the meaning of achieving your dream. Is not about reaching an apparently impossible goal, it is about how much you are enjoying in every aspect of your life.

It is about reinventing the way you are living, rediscovering what you love to do to reconnect with your natural power to live fully.

You will know how to achieve whatever goal you set in you and you will have the motivation to make it happen with no excuses.

Some of the things you achieve:

  • You transform your quality of life by cleaning up the cumulative stress in your central nervous system.
  • You identify and remove the limiting beliefs that prevent you from having the results you want in your relationships and your life.
  • You stop being at the mercy of thoughts by gaining mastery of your mind.
  • You become emotionally solid and learn to generate your emotional state.
  • You rediscover what you love to do and learn to practice it in the different aspects of your life.
  • Discover your natural abilities and learn to enrich and use them in your plan.
  • You connect with the power to create what you want through what you Love and your Natural Skills.
  • You create a personal plan to rebuild everything you want for your life.
  • You know what your life purpose is and how to put everything you have at your service.

Today you have at your service a specialized team that will be working with you day and night, rediscovering your dream and designing an action plan to make it come true.


Some facts you should know:

  • We have worked with +18,000 people in 11 countries, accompanying them to create a new way of relating to every aspect of their lives.
  • 99% of them didn’t know what their life purpose was or didn’t find the strength to pursue their dreams.
  • 99% of them had poor relationships: couple, family and/or work

The Diagnose:

  • The problem was that they believed that, no matter what decisions they made, they were going to have the same results.
  • Most have been taught to fulfill what is expected from them, forgetting what they want for themselves.
  • For the relationships in your life to work correctly, the one that must be right is the relationship with yourself.

Alejandra Palacios

Commercial Director and Singer


Human Technology for Life®

Human Technology for Life®

  • You will have physical and emotional detox. Having the clarity to discover what should happen in you and what you should lose in the shift you want to give your life.
  • You will learn to master your mind and govern your body. Reaching the point of eliminating physical and emotional addictions, this is the moment when you begin to regain the reins of your life.
  • You will reach the deepest levels of your mind. Identifying and dismantling the root of the beliefs that limit you and reconnecting with your essence, which is the source of your Inner Power.
  • You will build the action plan to Reinvent Your Life. Receiving specialized tools and learning to exercise your potential through your natural skills and abilities.

This program
interests you if:

  • You want to enjoy every moment of your life.
  • You want to direct your life toward your dream.
  • You want to reinvent your Interpersonal Relationships.
  • You are willing to eliminate your self-destructive habits.

Today I feel so much better. Now I know that I am a conscious creator of my life. I want everyone to know UOC! The entie planet must discover the infinite creative power in every human being.

Humberto Cristancho

Musician and Entrepreneur Advertiser.

It's about living your dream
at every moment.

We have believed that achieving our dream means to become a footballer, singer, or artist, so we see it as something impossible to realize due to our age, obligations, or requirements.

First, you must be clear about why you want to fulfill that dream.

You want to feel good, to play, to enjoy! And to achieve this, you don’t have to discard what you already have or start a new career.

  • You will see everything different: you will realize that to transform your life and your world, you just need to change your perception of yourself and things.
  • You enliven your Creativity: there are infinite ways to do what you love without necessarily being a famous singer, in Reinvent Your Life, you conceive a new way to live your dream.
  • You will have a new relationship with life while applying the tools learned to enjoy your family, what you do and knowing yourself so deep that you feel complete at every moment.

María De Los Ángeles

Sales Specialist

Program Content

45 days

PHASE 1: Physical and emotional detoxification.

How to take your body to reach the required physical conditions and make it one of the main tools for your life change?

At the end of this phase, you will have recovered the mental and emotional strength that is required to rethink and reinvent your life.

PHASE 2: Mastery of the mind and body.

How to master your mind and govern your body by putting them at your service?

You will have the wisdom to make conscious decisions, and you will get your mind to obey over self-destructive desires, transcending your body over physical and emotional addictions.

PHASE 3: What you love to do and your natural abilities.

How to rediscover what you love to do and use your natural abilities to create your dream?

You will identify the decisions that led you to have the current results. You will learn to use your natural abilities to apply your inner strength and realize your dream at every step.

PHASE 4: Purpose of life, action plan, and how to execute it.

How to apply the tools learned to reinvent your life and your relationships?

At the end of this phase, you will have created the action plan according to your inner purpose, and you will know how to use the tools learned to enjoy every moment of your new life.

PHASE 5: Inspire your people and your world.

How to be a source of inspiration through your transformation?

You will be sharing your experience and inspiring your world to exercise its life purpose.


In which the main focus is you, where you are outfitting to do the best for yourself, your relationships, and your life.


In Reinvent Your Life, you have the privilege of living with the group of Instructors of the University of Consciousness for 45 days, accompanying you day and night in your inner work.

All your energy will focus on letting go of what prevents you from living and enjoying your dream here and now.

  • Advanced tools: you will learn ancestral techniques with which we have worked throughout our 25 years of experience.
  • Closeness with the Directors and our team: You can open up with complete trust, healing stories from the past and pain from previous relationships (couples, parents, friends, losses, projects, etc.)
  • Post-program support. By direct email and personal chat.

Our commitment is to give you the support and tools you need to reinvent your life and accompany you to live your dream at every step.

The main changes I have experienced are self-esteem and self-confidence. I no longer try to please others without meaning to be at war with them all the time.

Diana Lucía Fernández

Communications Director and Animal Lover



  • 9 personalized 3-hour sessions: Cell Memory Activation
  • 22-hour workshop: Sphere of Being
  • Daily thematic 2-hours sessions: Private Sessions
  • Physical and emotional detoxification
  • Emotional preparation for the execution of your action plan
  • Accompaniment 3 months after 45 days of immersion: private chat – email
  • Support 24 hours during the 45 days


  • Accommodation: 46 nights in Miami Premium Zone
  • Special feeding: 45 days
  • Reinvent Your Life Kit
  • Support content material



The Private Session is your first step to Reinvent Your Life.

We start with a Private Interview where we determine if you meet the requirements to be part of the program.

You are investing in what values the most;
you and your life!

My change is very noticeable because I’m more aware of the noise generated in my mind. I still have moments of anguish because I am not fully disciplined with the techniques, but I feel that they are part of my life philosophy. Every time I retrieve it and return to it with perseverance, they become my lifeguard.

Diegofer Otero

Illustrator and Chuck the Monk Creator

A tale for you.

A student asks his teacher:
– Master, what do I have to do to reinvent my life and be happy?

The Master responds:
– NOTHING! – And he continued.

Picture yourself being at your deathbed when a person you don’t know comes to you blaming you with rage for everything you stopped doing for her, and for the time and attention that you denied to her.

She claims you for allowing her to feel fear, anguish, affliction, and sorrow. For having forgotten her, for not recognizing or admiring her greatness and above all, for not loving her unconditionally or making her happy.

Surprised you ask: what’s your name? – And she answers by saying your name. You realize that this person is you and at that moment teardrops from your eyes and you stop breathing.

Do you want to do it differently? It’s time to reinvent your life.

Words reach the intellect, but this story is for your Heart.​

Words reach the intellect, but this story is for your Heart.​

Alexandra Olivares

Mother of a family

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I know if I meet the requirements for this program?

Not necessarily, that depends on what you decide.

After completing the program, you will know what your life purpose is, and you will have an action plan to exercise it at every moment. You will able to make an inventory of everything you have and you will know how to put it at your service.

Would I quit my job and projects after completing the program?

Not necessarily, that depends on what you decide.

After completing the program, you will know what your life purpose is, and you will have an action plan to exercise it at every moment. You will able to make an inventory of everything you have and you will know how to put it at your service.

Could I be over-aged to reinvent myself?

Life is here and now!
It is never too late to start over, when you connect your inner strength there are no limits for you. Remember that the source of inner power is not outside, it is within you and this program is a vehicle to connect with the unlimited universe within.

How are the lodging and food?

It is a 45 days deepening program that includes feeding and the lodge. You will be staying with the team of Instructors of the University of Consciousness in an intensive self-work.

The program does not include airline tickets, transportation in the city, or personal belongs.

Can the program be online?

Reinvent Your Life Program is a 100% in-person program.

You must travel to the place where the program will take place. It can be in Miami or a special edition place announced by the staff directors.

If you need personal support and you are in another city, you can get it through the Private Session.

What if I've already made several attempts and none worked?

If you are reading this, it is because you maintain a desire to achieve what you want. Do not give up, from now on you can count on a specialized team willing to work with you hand in hand until you achieve your dream.

What are the payment methods?

Credit card
Bank transfer or deposit.
Click here to register and when entering your information, we will contact you to use the means of payment of your preference.

Are there online alternatives?


The Online Private Session is ideal when you are going through a situation where you need emotional support, answer questions, or make decisions. Its duration is 60 minutes.

Click here to find all the information.

Want more information?

Text us through this form, and we will be looking forward to returning to you:

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The Masters, as many know them, are a source of inspiration for thousands of people. Every day they teach us how to live and to unconditionally love ourselves.