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Create your
Dreamed Couple

Going from the relationship you have to the one you dream.

Of all the people you know, how
many have a harmonious
relationship based on love?

Thanks to the way we’ve been educated, nowadays relationships are based on interest and necessity; living in conflict, manipulation, jealousy, etc. With a total absence of love.

From now on, you’ll have a team that has the experience to take you by the hand to revive the feeling that united you and create a stable relationship.

We accompany you to achieve it.

For people with and without a partner.

In this program, you receive the step-by-step accompaniment to create your dream partner.

You will achieve this by transforming the relationship with you. Clarifying yourself with what you want, breaking through fears and unconscious barriers, and developing the confidence to take action.

What you achieve

  • Acknowledge what you have to offer in a relationship and what must happen for the other person to value it as well.
  • Neurobiological processes are activated in you, driving you to have new results with no effort.
  • You understand why you repeatedly experience unwanted situations in your relationships, and what to do to generate new results.
  • Be clear about your Life Purpose and how your relationship sums to the goal you have defined.
  • You develop the emotional maturity you need to create a stable and love-based relationship.
  • You begin relating in a way that you feel loved and valued.
  • Discover the magic of relating as a couple and how to enjoy it.


I started to feel love for me! Something that I had never savored. Now I’m a new person, I don’t know how to describe it, but it’s such a big feeling that it makes me feel good, without needing anything else, just from me

Lina Marcela Pantoja – Healthy Cheff


Human Technology for Life®

Human Technology for Life®

  • You will trust yourself when going for the relationship you dream. No more doubts and questions, you will take action with the certainty of what you can achieve.
  • You will recover the esteem and appreciation for yourself opening to dream and live. The disappointment for which you have refused to try a new relationship disappears.
  • You will discover the infinite resources you count on when relating, learning tools that connect you with your essence and allow you to give your best.
  • You will have the step-by-step accompaniment to build your dream. You will be in action, taking steps, experimenting, and creating what you want.

This program is for you
if you want to:

  • Enrich your current relationship.
  • Renew yourself to start a new relationship.
  • Break the repetitive cycles in your relationships.
  • Heal and free yourself from the pain of past relationships.

I had a loving disappointment in my previous relationship. It was sad, but thanks to that situation I opened myself to get to know the UOC. I feel presently I am more at peace with myself, my partner and my family.

Maria Paula Tenorio​

Financial Specialist

You need
to give your best.

Transforming the way you thought life was, requires all your effort, willingness and decision making, but it will also lead you to experience yourself with no limits and be able to achieve a more satisfying relationship than what you have imagined.

  • Everything will be more fluid: when you interact, you will know what you have to offer and what you want. And you will have the self-sufficiency to take or release what it contributes to you or not, without fear.
  • Everything will be more fun: the new perception of yourself will allow you to see every situation as an opportunity to learn from life, enjoying while you become freer.
  • Everything will make more sense: With our method Human Technology for Life®, you will be clear about your purpose. When this happens, you know how to make decisions, you become your priority, and you learn to align your relationship with that goal.

What I am living today is so big that my words are short. As I always say: I feel full, in an absolute plenitude state.

Valentina Arias

Yoga Coach

Program Content

PHASE 1: Private Session – SELF-REVIEW

How to diagnose what must happen in you to overcome the obstacles that are preventing you from achieving your relationship?

You will be aware of your willingness to achieve your dream, and you will know the decisions and actions to be taken to make it happen.

PHASE 2: Activation of Cellular Memory – UNLOCKING EMOTIONAL OBSTACLES

How to experience your inner power to achieve what you want?
You will unlock the conscious and unconscious obstacles to stop repeating unwanted situations in your life.

PHASE 3: The Sphere of Being – Emotional Self-Sufficiency

How to permanently access your inner capacity.
You will have learned to dilute permanently and on your own the confusion of the mind and personal dissatisfaction. You will be emotionally self-sufficient and have the personal strength to transcend your fears and take action.

PHASE 4: Recognition of Being in Relationships – Dream Realization

How to use the tools learned to materialize your relationship?
You will have developed emotional maturity to build a stable and love-based relationship. You will know how to use the tools learned in the previous phases, and you will have constant accompaniment.


It is about knowing yourslef to transform the way you relate to the world and achieve what you want.


Our accompaniment is the compass that guides you to your dream: reminding and instructing you at every step.

  • You can be part of a VIP Chat Group with accompaniment 24/7, supporting your process, feeding back, and resolving concerns.
  • Online group sessions to deepen in the use of your tools.
    Every Wednesday, from 7:00 pm in Miami.
  • Email support.

Our commitment is in giving you what you need to create your dreamed couple and accompany you to achieve it.

I understood what past situations led me to commit the same mistakes again and again in my relationship. Now, in those situations, it is easier when you recognize the root of the problem.

Paola Holguín

Sales Specialist and Mother



  • For people with and without a partner
  • Each person starts their process individually
  • Method: Human Technology for Life UOC
  • Mode: In-perso


You can enroll in each stage separately and move forward one by one:


  • Constant accompaniment in Specialized Chat (from stage 2)
  • Weekly accompaniment (starts in stage 3)


  • Be over 21-years old
  • Be willing to give your best to Create Your Dreamed Couple

Your Private Session
is the first step to
Create Your Dreamed Couple

Together we will diagnose what is preventing you from having the relationship you crave. You will be clear about what you must do to achieve it and how we accompany you throughout the program.

It is the first opportunity to share privately and receive the experience of an UOC Instructor.

It is the investment you are making in yourself.


Now I live drama-free, not blaming others and aware of who I am. I stopped victimizing myself and took responsibility for what I project in front of me.

Ileana Molina

Architect, Mom of Sammy and Laura

Frequently Asked Questions.

Can I enroll even if my partner doesn't want to?

You can.
Our accompaniment first leads you to strengthen how you relate to yourself. This is the basis for you to start taking new actions in your relationship.

Of course, doing it parallel to your partner is a way to maximize the benefits.

Can I do the program if I don't have a partner?

Yes, you can.

The program goal is taking you to create your dreamed couple by overcoming the limiting beliefs that are preventing you from having what you want.

Achieve your relationship if you don’t have it and enriching it if you’re in a current one. You don’t have to be in a negative situation or feeling bad to start this program, it’s about getting tools to transform the way you perceive the most important aspects of your life.

What happens if we feel we love each other?


Then you have the most important ingredient to create the relationship you want and solve any problem.

Do I have to enroll in all phases of the program?

You can take one by one. However, you must understand it is necessary to complete the full program to achieve all the benefits listed throughout this web page.

Can the program be online?

Only the Private Session can be online.
The other three phases must be in-person.

What are the payment methods?
  • Cash
  • Credit card
  • Bank transfer or deposit.
    Click here to register and when entering your information, we will contact you to use the means of payment of your preference.

Want more information?

Text us through this form, and we will be looking forward to returning to you:


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