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Determine what must happen in you
to achieve what you want.

Private Session

The Private Session.

In the Private Session, you discover that to live as you seek, you must get to the root of where emotional obstacles are generated and transcend it.

You will be able to diagnose what should happen in you to achieve what you want in your interpersonal relationships and transform your perception of yourself and your life.

This is the opportunity to have private guidance by one of the instructors of the University of Consciousness.

What you can achieve in your Private Session:

  • See the areas where you can enrich your current relationship.
  • Identify what has to happen in you to achieve the relationship you seek.
  • Comprehend why unwanted situations repeat in your life and relationships.
  • See the unconscious obstacles that are preventing you from healing the pain of past relationships.
  • Discover the source of stress in your life and the actions to relief it.
  • Find the origin of emotional and physical addictions and the way out of them.
  • Clarify yourself to make life decisions by having the first contact with your inner wisdom.
  • Start giving a new direction to your life by understanding your human nature.
  • Start developing love and esteem for yourself.

Book your Private Session and diagnose the actions to take to overcome what is disturbing you and achieve what you want to live:

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*Please have in mind that the Private Session can be Online, therefore you can request it from anywhere.

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    The Private Session
    is for you if you want to:

    • Gain clarity to make life decisions.
    • Release the stress that is affecting your relationships and your well-being.
    • Remove feelings of dissatisfaction and demotivation.
    • Discover yourself and learn to esteem yourself.

    Isabel Salazar


    Are you looking for a judgment-
    free place where to be guided?

    There are times where you need support, but just the idea that there is something wrong with you discourages from taking any action.

    The Private Session leads you to realize there is nothing wrong with you. Together we will identify the limiting beliefs that you must clear to live as you want in your relationships and your life purpose.

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    You have so much to discover
    about yourself through our method;
    the Private Session is the first step to get there:

    for Life®

    for Life®

    • When you start to recognize the truth of who you are, you realize that nothing is wrong with you. Using your inner power, you come out to life from a conscious attitude.
    • Develop self-confidence. The Private Session gives you clarity when you are about to make big decisions.
    • Disappear the disturbance that is generated by the uncertainty of wanting to make changes, but not knowing where to start. It means connecting back to your inner wisdom.


    The Masters, as many know them, are a source of inspiration for thousands of people. Every day they teach us how to live and to unconditionally love ourselves.

    The Private Session is
    an act of self-respect.

    Deciding to go inside you to build the life you want is something new regarding everything have been taught, but no doubt, it is a path that will bring you new results in yourself and your relationships.

    • What you desire is in you: the happiness and wellness you seek reside within, and the Private Session is the compass that leads you to meet your magic.
    • Perception of life changes: you will understand the source of what is disturbing and preventing you from achieving what you want, recognizing that life frequently offers you limitless opportunities to realize your dreams.
    • You will have the first experience of what you are looking for: in the Private Session, you manage to live a first encounter with the fullness and tranquility you aspire.

    Natalia Echeverri

    Film producer


    Part 1:

    How to find the root of what is disturbing you and preventing you from living as you want.

    You will get to the heart of what is affecting the fluidity in your life.

    Part 2:

    A way to experience that what you are looking for is already in you.

    You will have the first experience of fullness and you will learn how this is the main source to build the life and relationships you want.

    Part 3: 

    How to define the actions to take towards your dream or solve the situation you are going through.
    You will find what must happen in you to start having new results.

    Part 4: 

    How we accompany you to live what you want.
    You will understand in depth the ancestral tools that you receive in the following phases of your program.


    Living as you want and deserve. You are not alone; we accompany you to achieve it.


    The Private Session is deep, enjoyable, and engaging because you are exploring aspects of yourself and life that will lead you to see everything you can achieve when you know who you are.

    • You work with an Instructor of the University of Consciousness. Receiving experience rather than concepts, learning you to live your state of consciousness.
    • Ancient Teaching. Finding within the answers to get over dissatisfaction, despair, and self-doubt.
    • Email tracking. You can email your Instructor to clarify doubts or comment on any exercise that you have taken from the Session.

    Our commitment is to give you what you need to build the relationships you dream and accompany you to achieve it.

    Juan Gabriel Zambrano


    Book my
    Private session

    Description of Phase 1: Private Session

    • Duration: 60 minutes
    • Modality: In-Person, Online
    • Hours available: Monday to Saturday from 9:00 am to 8:00 pm
    • Language: Spanish + English
    • Requirements: Be willing to start a change in your life.
    • Being over 18 years old.

      Daniela Zapata



      What is the Private Session for?
      • Have clarity to make life decisions.
      • Relief the stress that affects your relationships and how you feel.
      • Banish feelings of dissatisfaction and disappointment.
      • Discover your true value.
      Can I do the program even if I don't have a partner?

      Yes, you can.

      Our accompaniment leads you to strengthen your relationship with yourself first.

      This is the basis for you to start taking new actions in life.The Session is not only for couples, but it can also be used for your self-empowerment and apply it to your personal goals

      Can I register even if my partner or family don't want to take the program?

      Yes, you can.

      Can I do the program even if I don’t have a partner?

      Our accompaniment leads you to strengthen your relationship with yourself first then, you are going to be able to access your inner-knowledge to create the relationship you aspire.

      What if I feel I'm ok?

      Then you have the most important ingredient to create the relationship you want, solve any problem, or achieve your dreams.

      What if I've already made several attempts and none worked?

      If you are reading this, it is because you maintain a desire to achieve what you want. Do not give up, from now on you can count on a specialized team willing to work with you hand in hand until you achieve your dream.

      Can the program be online?

      Yes, the Private Session can be online.

      We suggest using a computer and apps like: skype, hangouts.

      What are the payment methods?


      Credit card

      Bank transfer or deposit.

      When entering your information, we will contact you to use the means of payment of your preference.

      Request your Private Session  
      or ask a question.