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The Sphere
of Beign

An experience of freedom

Cali – March 6. 7. 8

Miami – May 2020

The Sphere of Being


During the Sphere of Being workshop, you transform the way you perceive yourself and your life, learning the ancient Connection Techniques, which are a tool you will have forever.

You establish permanent access to your inner potential, putting your mind at your service and developing an emotional solidity that leads you to live in a constant state of fullness.

You start releasing the accumulated stress in your central nervous system, allowing you to see situations more clearly and receiving support to transform the way you interact with yourself and your world.

Some benefits of the Sphere of Being:

  • You learn the tools to release the cumulative stress in your central nervous system.
  • You start a new relationship with yourself based on respect and appreciation.
  • You create open access to your inner potential (the truth of who you are).
  • You get to use your innate power, overcoming usual disturbances.
  • Your self-esteem increases, acquiring emotional maturity.
  • You develop self-confidence and become ready to assume new challenges.
  • You receive the techniques that put your mind at your service.
  • You learn to manage the power and energy of your emotions.
  • You can release the emotions that generate conflict, dissatisfaction and prevent you from being at peace.
  • You heal your vitality and access more energy for the daily tasks.
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    Upcoming dates:

    • Cali – March 6. 7. 8
    • Miami – May 2020

    The Sphere of Being
    is perfect for you if:

    • You want to acknowledge yourself and get the most out of your potential.
    • Stress is affecting your relationships and you want to make a change.
    • Your mind dominates you through fears, conflict, or dissatisfaction.
    • You want to enjoy what you have and what you do.

    Ivan Montealegre


    Are you ready to relate in a new
    way with yourself reconnecting
    with the magic in you?

    Has it ever occurred that you feel tired and somnolent, but that night your mind doesn’t want to sleep and you can’t do anything about it? Or you don’t want to argue with your partner anymore, but there is something that pushes you to keep going?

    The Sphere of Being teaches you the Connection Techniques, with which you put your mind and your emotions at your service. From now on, you can choose what you want to experience and acquire the tools to make that happen.

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    Experience who you are through our method:
    Human Technology for Life®

    Connection Techniques

    • Its main objective is to reconnect you to your inner wisdom and teach you to use in reinventing the relationship with you and enriching your interpersonal relationships.
    • With its practice, you constantly relief the cumulative stress and stop the production of additional stress in the day to day; allowing a deep physical and mental healing.
    • They practically and tangibly anchor you to the present, expanding your mental clarity, raising your creativity, and generating tranquility at will.
    • They have no concentration requirements or previous experiences in other methodologies.


    The Masters, as many know them, are a source of inspiration for thousands of people. Every day they teach us how to live and to unconditionally love ourselves.

    Your life splits
    after the Sphere of Being

    You have come to a point where you have achieved everything you set out to do: You have your partner, a family, you have traveled, had economic achievements and more, but there is a deep dissatisfaction that you don´t know how to fill.

    ● What you are looking for is within: When going inward you find the peace and tranquility you desire. The Sphere of Being gives you the tools to experience it constantly.

    The way you perceive life and yourself changes. Now you can decide how you feel and how you want to live, being able to enjoy everything you already have.

    Self-knowledge allows you to master self-destructive habits such as conflict, anxiety, dissatisfaction, and stress.

    The workshop Sphere of Being gives you the tools to make this your own experience and apply it in every situation that is important to you.

    Diana Lucía Fernandez

    Head of Corporate Communications – WWB Bank


    Part 1:

    Who am I? What is my life purpose? What is the root cause of human suffering?

    You will find the answers to these fundamental questions, preparing the ground to receive the Connection Techniques.

    Part 2:

    How to put your mind at your service using the Connection Techniques.

    You will receive Connection Techniques 1 and 2, learning to work with the natural tendency of your mind and body to access your natural state of peace, bliss, and happiness.

    Root believes you can transcend: There is something wrong with my subjective and objective life.

    Part 3: 

    How to access the most powerful and positive emotion to remodel your Life.

    You will learn the third Connection Technique, unlocking the emotions that prevent you from accessing your potential, reconnecting, and experiencing your inner magic.

    Root belief you can transcend: I am isolated from the source.

    Part 4: 

    How to use your natural power in creating the life you want.

    You will discover the power of the fourth Connection Technique, anchoring the strength of the first 3 techniques to acknowledge yourself as the creator of your life.

    Root belief you can transcend: I am separated from the whole creation.

    During the workshop weekend, you receive constant guidance on learning how to use the Connection Techniques on your own and take their benefits with you, applying them to every situation in your life.


    It is an experience of liberty. Practice instead of concepts.


    The Sphere of Being is deep, confronting, fun, and full of experiences. The tools you learn will be useful for the rest of your life.

    • Access the wisdom of the University of Consciousness’ instructors. Living the ancient method: Human Technology for Life.
    • Unlimited accompaniment. Every Wednesday you have access to an online session where you can improve the use of your techniques and get support to make the most out of every situation in life.
    • UOC Students Chat Group. Getting constant support, reminders in the use of your techniques and conscious reflections that enrich your mood, your relationships, and how you approach life situations.

    The way you perceive yourself and your life will be different forever, being able to choose how you want to live in every moment.

    We are here to accompany you to achieve it.

    Manuela Botero

    Businesswoman and designer

    I want to enlist in
    the Sphere of Being

    Description of Phase 2: Sphere of Being

    • Duration: 2½ days
    • Working time: 22 hours
    • Modality: group workshop, in-person
    • Spanish Language


    • Previous experiences needed: None
      Being over 18 years
      Have the willingness to make a life change.

    Upcoming dates:

    • Cali – March 6. 7. 8
    • Miami – May 2020

      Octavio Padilla

      Businessman and lover of reading.

      Frequently Asked Questions

      What if I feel I'm ok?


      This workshop has not been created for people who feel there’s something wrong with them. The goal is to know the infinite power that resides in you and learn to use it to enrich your life experience in an unlimited way.

      The Sphere of Being gives you the tools to access the infinite source of fullness, freedom, and peace that you are. As you grow, you will discover more about the truth of who you are.

      May I subscribe even if I don't have any experience in human-development workshops?

      Yes, it is one of the ideal ways to attend.

      The Sphere of Being does not teach concepts, it is an experience. The practice of the Connection Techniques is so simple that even a 7-year-old can do it. The more open you come and the less predisposed, you will make more out of your workshop.

      May I attend with my couple or relatives?

      Yes, you can.

      It is an opportunity to learn tools together that will help you enrich your relationship, generate new communication spaces, and understand each other.

      What happens if I don't feel comfortable when sharing my intimate issues?

      In the Sphere of Being, you will get to the root of the beliefs that are limiting you.

      Therefore, you don’t have to talk about your specific or personal situations if you don’t want because we will also go to the root of what is disturbing you. It is an open space, dynamic, and fun, but each one does his work by themselves.

      Do I have to subscribe to the other programs of the University of Consciousness?

      You can make the Sphere of Being without having done any other program of the UOC.

      However, you should be clear that it is essential that you also complete 9 Cell Memory Activation Sessions, which you will understand better during the workshop. This is how we can guarantee the scope of our method in the transformation of your life.

      If you want to start with personal support, check here the Private Session.

      What if I've already made several attempts and none worked?

      If you are reading this, it is because you maintain a desire to achieve what you want. Do not give up, from now on you can count on a specialized team willing to work with you hand in hand until you achieve your dream.

      Can the program be online?

      The Sphere of Being is a 100% in-person program.

      If you are not in Miami, you can schedule yourself to come during the weekend and then you will have indefinite online support through the UOC Student Chat and our digital media. You can also be alerted about the next cities where the Sphere of the Being will be held.

      If you need personal support and you are in another city, you can use it through the Private Session.

      What are the payment methods?
      • Cash
      • Credit card
      • Bank transfer or deposit.
      • When entering your information, we will contact you to use the means of payment of your preference.

      Request your Private Session
      or ask a question.