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The Guide of 7

16 de September de 2019

The Guide of 7
7 tips for having excellent relationships at work. 

  • The relationship with yourself is the base for all relations.

When you feel good about yourself you will naturally relate easier with your coworkers, suppliers, and customers. You feel at ease with what you are doing and you build harmonic relationships. 
Those people who are nice to be with is because they feel good about themselves, so everyone around them is ok too. This person can be you. 

  • The measure of how is the relationship with yourself is how you feel.

When you feel frustrated on your daily basis, anxious, disturbed and in conflict, it means that there’s something wrong; when you feel bad you are hurting yourself. When you are constantly happy and in joy, it means that you are loving you and you are being kind with yourself. 
Learn to observe how are you feeling at every moment and thus, start taking actions to generate states in which you feel good.  

  • Knowing yourself is the key to forging an excellent relation with you. 

Behind each of us, there are infinite qualities that are useful tools our daily lives. Discover how great you are, price your kindness and everything you have to give to others: friendship, knowledge, wisdom, a look, a smile, a greeting in the morning. 
When you get to know what you have to give you feel good about yourself, you stop waiting for others to do something for you to feel better. It is you who’s responsible for generating well-being in yourself and in others.

  • Wanting is the first step to strengthening and creating harmonious relationships.

When you start feeling good about yourself you naturally want to relate to others. Wanting is the base. You are willing, you are opened to new ideas, you listen to others and receive what they got to give. Put all your efforts on it, be humble to review what you can improve and be opened to give everything you got. Soon you will be experiencing new results.

  • To appreciate is the secret. 

This is an ancient secret for the improvement of interpersonal relationships. Open to appreciate, tell people what you like about them, value them. At the beginning, it might feel a little uncomfortable because we have been raised to criticize. 
Start trying simple things and experience the great results: what you like about their clothes, price their smile, appreciate something your coworkers did well, and you’ll see how your relations will grow on strong bases. 

  • Having excellent relationships improves your self-esteem.

When you smile your body releases substances like endorphins make you feel good, they relieve you and encourage you spontaneously to relate to others. You open on an emotional level to share with others, getting to know new stories and learn from them. 
Having good relationships give you several physical and emotional benefits; when you have good relationships you are growing as a person. 

  • Appreciate yourself means to esteem others. 

Estimating yourself is feeling good with you, it is to open the gate to a magical world of thoughts and emotions that generate you well-being. This is what people naturally receive from you when you are constantly living in this attitude; you are estimating them. 

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