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The use of trust in your life.

16 de September de 2019

‘When you send up a baby into the air and he laughs, it’s because he knows you will catch him back’. This is trust. 

Have you ever wondered what is the use of trust in your life? Sometimes it seems that this attitude exposes us to risks and dangers but, have you ever observed how do people that trust live their lives?

We all have a relative, friend, or someone from our people who we say is ‘too confident in life’. We usually think they are naïve and joking we even say they are kind of crazy.
So let’s take a look at this kind of people; they are usually cheerful, they like everything, people loves them plus, somehow everything goes well for them. You can’t believe how is it that nothing happens to them, you feel like anyone could take advantage of them and the truth is that generally nothing bad ever happens.

Now, when we go through people that are very prevented, we find that they feel proud to be distrustful (it is like if somehow, this attitude gave them some kind of value). They end up living situations that confirm the reason why they don’t trust; things go wrong in restaurants, people try to take advantage of them and they feel that others always have an ace up their sleeve. 
Do you dare to trust? 

Trust is a life attitude. Learning to practice it in your day to day life brings you huge benefits; you get serener, start knowing better your people and the good opportunities of life come to you. 

When people trust is because they know their abilities, are aware of their greatness and are able to recognize the other’s; this is why they trust, why they are opened to new possibilities at every moment. Allow yourself to live this experience of clarity and certainty, you will start to generate harmonic situations and will start to live differently. 

Trust is made out of an extraordinary magic, notice that it’s an invisible force that generates strong bonds between people. You won’t hurt someone you trust, you won’t take advantage of him and you are willing to receive what he’s got to give you, his suggestions and affection. Trust is an expression of true Love.

Imagine the world where everybody trusts. How would your world be? At your work? With your family?

The way to make it part of your life is starting to take small and constant steps. Trust the guy from the store, open to the intent from others to help you, listen to your friends and learn to receive with no expectation. 

And most of all, what we all must do to is to be trustworthy people. Grateful for what we have, saying with honesty what we want and being sincere. You will be surprised when you see how your world reacts towards this attitude. Trust in what I’m saying. 

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