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Your children, Masters of happiness.

16 de September de 2019

Why is it important for children to live happily?
Children play an essential role in our lives, they are in charge of preserving the access gate to infinite worlds of magic and fantasy, they are who keep us connected with the fountain of joy and happiness.  

It is a great trait of all these little beings. Although it has been misunderstood by adults, this attribute is the key to achieving emotional wellness. 

Innocence comes from Latin innocentia, no ocencia (bad smell). We use this word in its emotional figurative sense, so an innocent person is a person who doesn’t ‘smells or perceives evil’ or ‘doesn’t feel bad’, instead feels in peace and guilt free. 

The child is innocent by nature, he has no pre-concepts and is always opened to listen and experiment his world with no judgments. Children ask you ‘why’, and no matter what your answer is, they will fully trust in what you are saying. They don’t even have in their mind the possibility that you are cheating them… until they start to learn and realize.

Constant connection.  
There is an infinite potential in every human being and is innocence what keeps us connected to that fountain of joy and happiness. 

Consider this: children always give a 100% of what they got. When they play they are giving a 100%. They don’t question themselves if they are doing right or wrong, they just run with all their passion, they laugh and yell out with all the energy available to enjoy.

A child always wants to play! 
Have you ever asked yourself, in what state does a person who plays all the time lives?
Joy, harmony, and happiness.

In the thoughts flow of their young minds, there are no qualifiers. They don’t distinguish between right or wrong, the don’t restrict themselves, they just go through life living intensely. This is why kids don’t judge differences in races, social strata and aren’t selective for what their little friends have or do. Isn’t this the wonderful world that John Lennon invited us to imagine?

To play is to misbehave.
When our children come with us to the supermarket or to the dentist and they are playing, our usual response to make them still is saying: ‘Behave!’ We are teaching them that to play is to misbehave.

Several studies prove that at the age of 7 the child acquires what is known as the use of reason. In this stage children start to quit their dreams and magical adventures, they start to stop playing.

Their eyes lose its shine, yearning to return to their fantasy worlds, while they are consumed by the rules that we unconsciously imposed to control them. 

A story tells that a father said to his son: ‘watch your steps, and the kid answered, watch yours, remember that I follow your path’. 

Studies reveal that children learn 90% from our actions and the rest of what we say to them. It is convenient to keep an active and healthy communication, being honest is crucial to guide them

wisely without affecting their emotional wellness.

The importance of children being happy. 

Children are constantly in peace, joy, and happiness, this is their natural state, therefore is imperative that we as parents learn how to match this high vibration frequency. In his book Maestría en Felicidad, Chamalú tells us: ‘They taught us to be unhappy’. 

We don’t have to teach our kids to be happy, our commitment is not to teach them to be unhappy. Behavior, fear, prevention… when all of these gets into our minds, our happiness is forgotten. We were all kids once, we were all happy and this is why we hanker to return to this stage of our lives. 

It’s true that we have many activities that consume our time, but having moments with them is essential. They are not asking quality for quantity, what they want is to share with their parents, their heroes, the people they most love in their lives. There’s nothing with a better effect in the emotional development of a child than sharing with his parents. 
On the other hand, we give them: iPads, TVs, video games… until they gradually start forgetting what they love, receiving the drugs that distract them from the connection with their inner magic. 

How to Grow Happy. 
Children who stay true to what they love and their natural abilities keep their inner connection. These are the people that soon will be extraordinarily successful because they are still happy, they keep doing what they love and playing. 

Encourage your children to do what they love and they will keep giving more than a 100% in everything that they do, giving all of their energy, not saving any effort. They will keep connected to their innocence because they will always be willing to learn, to discover and explore. 

A child must keep happy because he or she will be a happy man or woman, creating new magical ideas for the world, innovating and transmitting this wonderful energy to his social environment. 
You have a lot to learn from these great masters who live with you, it is time for us to return to our natural state of being. Your children are already happy, now, how is your inner child living today?

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