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Your heart’s voice is a force that drives you.

16 de September de 2019

Your heart’s voice is a force that drives you. Have you ever observed what you are thinking?

When we are aware of the voices that constantly play in our heads, we realize that they usually promote a chaos that grows when we give it credibility. 

When you allow yourself to be psychologically driven by a story that heads to a future tense, you feel sensations of anxiety, uncertainty, desire, and tension. When you let yourself be drawn into a story of the past, the feelings that emerge are of nostalgia, regret, frustration and lament. 

Which of all these voices are you? 

Are you any of those?

How do you get to know what to do? 

Who must you follow inside yourself?

Can you trust in the voice that you have always believed it’s you, now that you are aware that is always taking you to chaos?  

The greatness of the answer to all of these question is in its simplicity:

Some call it the inner voice, the inner wisdom… other your heart’s voice. 
That is who you really are! All your magnificence condensed in a feeling that has always been there. Deep in ourselves we always know what to do, where do we want to go and the actions that we must take… but we allow the noise in our heads to cloud our vision with doubts, questioning, logic and comfort zones. 

The heart feels safe with the unknown because deep inside you are here for big things, to live in joy, to live an intense life. 

Your heart’s voice doesn’t argue, doesn´t… Your heart’s voice is a force that drives you. Every time that you are making a decision, there is an impulse that gently invites you to live, it drives you to where you can experience yourself without limits. 

This voice knows it because it’s you. 

Keep observing your thoughts from the distance, and from the stillness that you will reach, let your heart to talk to you, let that voice grow stronger and allow it to invite you to fly.   
Have a happy week!  

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