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Your True Hispanic Value

16 de September de 2019

Your True Hispanic Value
During these days, we see proud people sharing posts about our origins; we find celebrations, events and many words speaking about the Hispanic Heritage Month. For this reason, today we turn our gaze about your true Hispanic value.

Have you ever wondered who you are?
We learned to define ourselves according to our profession: I am a lawyer, I am a musician, I am an engineer. We also learned to hold our character responsible for our identity: I am serious, I am optimistic or introverted, I am firm in character. I am, I am, I am…

In this quest of lightly defining who we are, we forgot about an unlimited potential that resides inside us and that we all know we have. It is awaiting for us to connect with it and hit a home run, to give the best of us in every action.

We Latin Americans tend to give too much importance to banal aspects that distract us from who we are; the relationship with our body, for example, mainly bases on how it looks, often hurting it and ignoring that it is the vehicle that gives us life, the one with which we express our feelings and affections.

Above what we see, there is always much more to value.

Our origins are also a mistaken way we use to define who we are. I consider myself Hispanic because my body was born in a specific place or within a family with certain roots. It seems irrelevant, but this really has a strong influence on our lives.

How does being Hispanic impacts on us?
You probably feel embarrassed every time one of us is subject of rejection and persecution, but when a Latino artist excels, you feel proud and confident. Unconsciously, we are going back and forth every day, responding to events and news that directly affect how we feel about defining ourselves as Hispanics.

Several studies have shown that the Latin American unconsciously feels like an “inferior race” to American and European. For its skin color, its origin, its income, language etc.

It’s time to break free! Come out to live with your head held high.
What is your true Hispanic value then? Today, I’m telling you that your real value goes far beyond qualifying yourself as a Hispanic or any other kind.

Close your eyes for a second and make a brief tour of all the relationships you have built in this country: friends, laughter, dancing, and hard work. You have your family with whom you share around food, the beach, and personal support.

The way we live, our customs and warmth; have built a bridge out of life values that makes us great human beings: We easily express love, we value a stare, the sharing, and for gratitude, we can keep a promise a lifetime. We are friends, we are affectionate, cheerful and always celebrate life.

Even behind these virtues, there is something else bigger adding to your infinite value, a great FORCE that resides within yourself and reflects your greatness. That which brought you to this country, with which you build a new life every day, with which you help those relatives who have joined you in this adventure and those you support back home. You might not be aware of it, but this strength drives you to learn multiple tasks, makes you recursive and leads you to keep your family together no matter what. 

Here is your true Hispanic value! This is what makes a real difference. 
You have spontaneous access to this greatness within you. Now you know that if something is not working with your partner, at work or with your family, it is because you have become distracted from the connection with this inner power that waits for you.

Be yourself again!

Release your magic, free the constant joy that describes you. You will see your world transformed before your eyes. Your true value is your ability to reinvent yourself, and that no matter how much you have, you always got something to give and share.

Your true value relies on your ease to relate to all nationalities, laugh with the “gringo”, eat pizza with the Italians, and work shoulder to shoulder with African-Americans.
Our true magic relies on the fact that we are more than we think we are. We are more than an origin.

Enjoy this Hispanic Heritage Month. Now you know who you are beyond your character and personality. It is a pride being part and sharing with us gracious, powerful and generous people. 

Happy Hispanic Heritage Month.

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